The Play

The Pillowman is an award winning play by Irish playwright Martin McDonagh. The play received the 2004 Olivier Award for Best New Play, the 2004-5 New York Drama Critics' Circle Award for Best New Foreign Play.

It tells the tale of Katurian, a fiction writer living in a totalitarian state who is interrogated about the gruesome content of his short stories, and their similarities to a number of bizarre child murders occuring in his town.

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Cast & Crew

Jon Dalin as Tupolski; Matt Kelley as Ariel;
Priyank Rastogi as Katurian; Orlando Rivera as Michal.

Directed By Laura Moss; Assistant Director Rita Martinos; Production Stage Manager Carolina Arboleda; Light Design By Christina Wantanabe; Set Design By Anshuman Bhatia; Sound Design By Elisheba Ittoop; Props/Special Effect By Jesse Hathaway; Constume Design By Brianna Tyson; and Publicist Paul Siebold/Off Off PR

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Performance Schedule:
May 17th: 8 PM; May 18th: 3 & 8 PM; May 19th: 3 PM
May 23rd: 8 PM; May 24th: 8 PM; May 25th: 3 & 8 PM, May 26th: 3 PM

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  • F.I.T.R. Productions

    F.I.T.R. in F.I.T.R. Productions stands for Fiction Is Turning Real. That is the ultimate motivation that drives us. If you have a true ambition, we will turn it into reality. Check out F.I.T.R. Productions' page for more information.

  • The Barrow Mansion

    F.I.T.R. Productions is very excited to perform The Pillowman at the distinctive historic landmark known as The Barrow Mansion. Build in 1837, The Barrow Mansion is filled with exquisite greek architectural preserves. Check out the wiki page for more information.